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PORTFOLIO JeremyCalloway

Jeremy Calloway : Musician

The client provided us with content and a link to their photoshoot and we built an entire web presence for them. We used high contrast colors to build a crisp modern design.

PORTFOLIO webdesign catalyst

The Catalyst Publicity Group

This boutique publicity company, based in Florida, needed a website re-design. We worked to build a site that would help generate new leads, while bringing their existing clients more exposure.


Vox Spray

Vox Spray is an exciting new product that has recently seen a great launch, Dalex was excited to be envolved with the entire launch process, including Product Design, Website, & Marketing!


John Schnieders' Bo's Extravaganza

This annual event needed a fresh vibe with new functions for their 2019 Event, We worked to help refresh their existing website to meet their needs, for selling tickets, lodging, and sponsorships.

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